flat belly

Simple & Effective Tips To A Slimmer Stomach

If you want to reduce your stomach fat, then you need to take an approach to weight loss in an overall way.  Spot reducing is near impossible and it is pointless to do thousands of sit-ups in the hope to trim the tum. The best approach is the good old fashion way of diet and exercise.  It may not be what you want to hear but it is the only way you will lose weight.

Forget the quick fix solutions that are shown on advertisements everywhere, forget diet pills that aren’t healthy and forget trying to do crash diets they only lead to misery. All these approaches will just waste your time as most lead to you putting on even more weight then you lost. What you really want is permanent stomach fat loss and fast. For happiness and stability you have to go back to basics.

You may have found that diet and exercise haven’t worked for you and there are several reasons why they haven’t helped you reduce stomach fat. The first one is probably because you went in blind. What I mean by this is that many people think that just by changing the foods they eat they will lose weight. They forget about calories in and calories out and just focus on shifting to healthier foods.

Most of the time the healthier foods aren’t really any better and many people do have any portion control.  The reason there is no portion control is not only because they have decided not to consider calories only the food they eat, but because they have no idea how many calories they were overeating before and now.

The best start is to get in the clue about where you are going wrong and what has caused you to gain weight in the first place. Buy a journal and spend a few days to a week writing down everything you eat and drink. Put this information into fitday.com and discover how many calories you are eating everyday.

Doing it over a week will reveal to you how many calories ou are overeating and whether this is consistent everyday.  It most likely is a consistent amount and this information then gives you something to work on.

Once you know how many calories you have to cut out, you can play with the information on fitday and take things out and see how it effects your overall calorie intake. Not only will you not being going into your dietary changes blind but you will also be making your life a lot easier in that you could potentially cut out very simple things to bring your calories right down.  This way you won’t feel deprived.

It is also important to add in more whole ripe fresh raw fruits and vegetables, but don’t rush it.  Cutting down your calories is a great first step and you can try this for a few weeks before making your diet even better. This way you are making it a lifestyle change and not forcing yourself when you are not entirely ready.

If however you do feel ready start adding fresh fruits into your diet. The easiest way to do this is to commit to eating fruit before each meal. The more you eat the better. Not only is this great for your health but it will also leave you feeling more satified after your main meal.

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