Styling Your Wig

Whether you just recently started wearing a wig for personal reasons or for fun, eventually you will need to know how to style one. It’s actually very simple once you know your do’s and don’ts of styling your wig.

Here’s How:

Making your wig look perfect isn’t necessary. As a matter of fact, over-styling can make your wig look unnatural and if you’re like most of us, you probably don’t want that. Use wire brushes and combs that are meant for wigs only. Most brushes and combs aren’t meant for wigs. This is especially true for synthetic wigs. When styling synthetic wigs with curls or waves, use your fingers to separate the curls or a wig comb to comb through the waves.

If the wig is a straight style, gently use a wig brush to smooth out any tangles. Never rush through a combing or brushing a wig. Never use a heated styling tool on synthetic wigs. If you do, you’ll wind up with a melted mess. Instead, use a wig spray to give your wig a little-added style. You could also use sponge rollers or pins to add a little curl or wave.

If you have a human hair wig, you can use heated styling tools, but remember to keep them on a lower heat or you could burn your wig.

To style:

place the wig on your wig stand and remove any tangles from the wig with a wire brush. Next, select the sections of hair you wish to curl and wind the hair onto the roller. Allow the rollers to cool before removing them and finish by styling the curls with a brush or your fingers. Use a wig spray or hairspray with very little alcohol to set the style.

You may find that it will be necessary to trim your wig so that it will fit you better. This is something you will want your professional hairstylist to do. To get the best cut, wear your wig on the day of your appointment so that he or she can help you choose a style that is flattering to your face. If you’re going for a more natural look, opt for bangs. If you don’t want a lot of high maintenance go for a shorter cut for fewer tangles. If you’re worried the stylist may cut it too short, ask them to cut it a little longer than they usually would.

Check This Harmful Toxin.

If you’re considering dying your wig, please keep in mind that only human hair wigs can be dyed.  Also, keep in mind that the dye will not grow out, so it is permanent. Most hair dyes will also work on a wig, but you will probably want to do a hidden patch test on the underside of the wig just to make sure. It’s probably also a good idea to leave the dye on the wig for a little less time than the package directions indicate. If in doubt, have a hair colorist professional dye the wig instead.

Finally, you should never style a wet wig unless you are planning on having the wig reset. This goes for curling it when it is wet as well! With the above tips in mind, your new wig should last for a very long time. Enjoy it with pride!