Style, According To The Japanese

In Japan, there are more styles and trends than one can count. What makes the Japanese stand out from all other countries is their eccentricity and flair for the extraordinary. From bright colors to costumes, and various makeup and hairstyles, the Japanese have the ability to transform themselves virtually overnight. If you’ve ever wondered what styles the Japanese love to flaunt, then you’ll want to keep reading.

Perhaps one of the most well-known styles founded by the Japanese is the Harajuku look. This particular trend of mixing and mismatching – yes, mismatching – various styles and fashions have become so popular and widespread that even celebrities and pop singers, namely Gwen Stefani of the band No Doubt, has joined the Harajuku bandwagon. There are different variations of the Harajuku style, which includes Kawaii (cute) style, Gothic Lolita, and cosplay, which involves dressing up as characters from favorite anime and manga (Japanese animated cartoons and movies and comic books). While there are no strict rules for achieving the Harajuku look, common factors include dressing in multiple layers, wearing items of clothing that normally don’t go together or are mismatched in colors, wearing bright, vivid colors, and over accessorizing with handbags, headbands, and fancy earrings, belts and hair accessories. Sporting braids, pigtails, or spiky hair can all qualify as Harajuku.

While the Harajuku style tends to border on the extreme, daily Japanese fashions are a bit more toned down but still unique nonetheless. Many styles are named after certain popular areas in Japan, namely shopping centers that sell specific styles of clothing. Japanese women love to sport the latest trends and will wear just about anything. Japanese women rarely wear clothes that aren’t attention-grabbing in some way, whether it’s a bright green sundress with knee-high, chunky black boots, and a white puff jacket, or a baby tee, with a vest, jean shorts, black sheer thigh high stockings, and high heels.

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Japanese women love sporting bright colors and know how to strategically use them to make a normally bland outfit stunning. Because many Japanese women are not very tall, they love to use footwear to enhance their height and create the illusion of a taller, slimmer figure. Many wear chunky, platform shoes or boots with huge wedge heels. Accessories are also popular, with many Japanese women collecting scores of handbags to go with their outfits, as well as bangle bracelets, wide belts, and fancy earrings.

In addition to clothing, Japanese women are also highly known for their love of makeup and beauty products. Japanese women consume millions, if not billions of dollars’ worth of cosmetics and makeup items each year. If it’s new, they’ll have it.  Just as they love sporting colors on their clothes, Japanese women also like wearing vivid colors on their faces. Crazy eyeshadow colors are highly popular, especially among teens and young adults. From blues to pinks and purples, Japanese women aren’t afraid to make themselves stand out in the crowd.