Foods To Avoid Tips

How to choose foods to avoid that will have a negative effect on us? The primary guideline to choose healthy eating is to have awareness of which kind of food should be avoided from a daily regular diet.

Hydrogenated Oils should be avoided

The initial step is that avoiding bad fats from regular intake of food. Bad fats are hydrogenated vegetable oils and Trans fats. These are the main bad fats which should be eliminated first from our daily diet. Outside restaurants and hotels people use hydrogenated oils in processed diets that is why it is better to get unprocessed diet which doesn’t consist hydrogenated oils. Ensure this by seeing nutritional labels on the food product.

A healthy eating preparation should consist of healthy and good fats such as few saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, and some polyunsaturated fats. These are generally in the form of vegetable oils which is rich in omega 6 fatty acids. Some manufacturers create an advertisement that they reveal their diets contain low fats even though diets really contain unhealthy ingredients and high fats which is not at all good for health. Such kind of diets should be avoided.  Some good diets are added sugars and sodium to substitute the fat elimination and to give flavor to diet.

High Fructose Corn Syrup should be avoided

It is better to avoid excess quantity of sugar which we daily eat. Now a day’s these are available in the form of high fructose corn syrup in the market. By reducing intake of sugar we can strengthen our immunity. Americans eat 2 – 3 pounds of sugar in one week approximately. Including sugars mixed in the preparation of diets. Now a day’s large of people are suffering from Type 2 diabetes because they are consuming excess quantities of fructose corn syrup and other related sugars which are usually added to processed diets. We all know about ketchup, ketchup also contain high sugars. These all should be eliminated from our diet.

Consuming excessive artificial sugars which are against to natural sugars causes obesity. Consuming sugars leads to increase in insulin levels very fast, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. It also causes high blood pressure, heart diseases, and strokes. It also increases triglyceride levels.

Snacks which are not good for health

Snacks are generally not good for health and cause troubles to health in adults and children. The reason snack diets are cost effective and we can get simply in markets. These contain usually no calories and shortage of essential nutrients. Snacks are generally consisting artificial chemicals and added preservatives. Manufacturers add all these to a store for a long time. Commonly we used to eat snacks while watching television or computer. Consume snacks to feel convenient and to get relief from depression and stress. But actually, this food habit is not good for health and not required.

Genetically Modified Food should be avoided

It is better to eliminate genetically modified food from our regular diet. Several kinds of processed diets consist of genetically modified food in present days. U.S. and Canadian people generally do not represent genetically modified foods on the label of the food product.  AAEM suggested that doctors should make patients, public and medical community to get awareness of eliminating genetically modified food. It is better to give them written copies of genetically modified foods which cause health problems.

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It is better to eliminate refined and processed diets which are lack of nutrients. Even manufacturers put some nutrients in processed foods to substitute the lost nutrients but added nutrients are not natural. They are not good for health. Micronutrients which are lost while processing and refining foods cannot be substituted. In fact, they consist of bad hydrogenated oil, excessive sodium, and excess fructose corn syrup.