The Diet Solution Review – Is It Worth The Money?

The Diet Solution Program is an ebook created by Isabel De Los Rios. She is a lifestyle and nutrition coach based in New Jersey and gives dieters a plan to change eating habits for life and develop long term eating strategies rather than a quick fix weight loss program.

Overview of Diet

The Diet Solution views metabolism as the key to weight control and thus is based on metabolic typing, which places dieters into 3 different categories (protein, carb or mixed type).

Metabolic typing claims to use common visible symptoms relating to the features of a person plus other superficial parts of the body to assess what type of metabolism you have.  However, the validity and effectiveness of metabolic typing has not been proven.

Once you have determined your metabolic type you are then given an eating plan that fits with that metabolic type as each type has their own distinct dietary guidelines.

The Diet In More Detail

The first thing covered in The Diet Solution is mindset. It advises one to set up their mind for success suggesting that you write down your goals when it comes to weight loss and healthy.  Writing down specific goals and visualizing success can be a very helpful way and useful tool to creating weight loss success.

Many people do not do this step and often fail, so it is worth taking the time to do this. When we write things down we also show ourselves that this is important to us and therefore set the stage just by going through the motion.

Once you have done this you are then given 3 steps that need to be followed in order to lose weight:

  • Eat in accordance to metabolic type
  • Stay within specific calorie ranges
  • Consume a variety of high quality food.

To work out your metabolic type, Isabel gives you a variety of questions to answer to determine whether you are a protein type, carb type of mixed.  Detailed meal plans are provided for each metabolic type to make weight loss simple and easy.

Isabel also gives tips on snack foods if you find you get hungry between meals. She suggests obvious healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and nuts to name a few and also says that one glass of alcohol per week is ok with the diet too. She also recommends using Stevia as a sweetener over refined sugar and other sweeteners.


The Diet Solution recommends that exercise including both strength and cardiovascular are ideal.  We agree with this that both are essential for a healthy lifestyle and to give you the best possible body shape.


The Diet Solution costs $39.97 as a download. This is fairly reasonable compared to other ebooks available on the internet and offers much more information than others do. There is also a deluxe version that costs $59.97 which comes with audio downloads too.


  • Emphasises the need for dieters to eat high quality foods
  • Encourages you to eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables
  • Includes specific and detailed meal plans making weight loss easy
  • Teaches you how to select healthy foods in the good portion sizes
  • Increases awareness of how different foods affect the body.
  • Teaches you detailed information about nutrition and the importance of watercomes with a quick start guide and easy step by step implementation.


  • There is no research to back up the validity of metabolic typing
  • There are no vegetarian meal plan options


The Diet Solution is a good overall weight loss program because it helps you achieve long term success as opposed to short term and short lived success.

Despite its emphasis on metabolic typing that has no validity, it gives you great information about diet and nutrition plus specific meal plans making it easy for anyone who doesn’t have the time to make their own.

Overall we would consider this a healthy weight loss diet but are disappointed that there are no vegetarian options as in our view limiting meat consumption is optimum for health.