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Welcome to my world wide website! My name is John, and I know for a fact the foods you choose to eat really do affect your health.

Although I am neither a nutritionist, physician, nor chemist, I am a very experienced eater …and an elephant (of someone’s imagination).

Elephants have excellent intelligence and memories, and we eat only plant-based foods which all provide dense nutrition and dietary fiber. That is why I know I am well qualified to tell you about healthy fiber foods.

In fact, one elephant can consume more than 300 pounds (136 kg) of high-in-fiber vegetation every day. I am not suggesting you eat that much fiber!

I am only saying that I do have quite a lot of personal experience with the vital nutrients packed into healthy fiber foods. So I really do know the positive effects dietary fiber has on a body.

Want to improve your health?

Reverse health problems?

Eat More Like an Elephant!

Elephants choose to eat healthy fiber foods that hold the nutrition we all need to repair stress, oxidation, inflammation, and disease.

The goal of this website is to share ideas, experiences, and results on a variety of topics that interest people who want to increase nutrition, improve health, and enjoy everyday life.

“Health and intellect are the two blessings of life.”


While this website is John’s, she has me on this team because I do some extraordinary things. I can look up facts, interview experts, research topics, and verify data. And I can use a keyboard, format a page, and upload files — all without crushing the mouse.

However, like John, I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or scientist of any kind.

I am a simple writer by profession. And a good listener. My corporate world background includes years spent in the technical writing field.

That technical writing experience taught me to distill large amounts of detail into simple-to-read instructions, descriptions, and reports. I rely on that experience to help me organize the vast amount of information John wants to share with you.

All content on this John4leader.org.uk website represents the impressions and opinions of the author, about the rather interesting, confusing, and amusing (though sometimes harmful) decisions humans make concerning when, where, how, why, and what to eat.

John reminds me to tell you about this very useful web building product we use to maintain and expand this site. Being an elephant, she never forgets and always knows best. And, I admit, she is right. I really should tell you about SBI!

A few reminders about this website:

  1. This website does not provide health care or medical advice.
  2. Words on this website are neither a substitute for professional advice nor a comprehensive collection of knowledge. Always seek the advice of a qualified professional, physician or health care provider to confirm information and to answer questions regarding your personal health or medical condition.
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