Spa Gurus Tell How to Make your Treatments Last

Looking for ways to make your budget include your favorite spa splurges and necessities – cause let’s face it, once you see gray it’s no longer a luxury to get color! Although you may not be able to convince your stylist, colorist or manicurist to give you BOGO treatments to keep up your image, it is possible to make the time between treatments stretch. Once lucky lady figured out that the lessons her stylist gave her on doing her own blowout will save her more than $3500 a year! That makes her trips to the salon fit her budget and then some. Here’s how you can make your money work for you.

To make your haircuts last up to three weeks longer opt for a messier cut rather than a precise bob that looks terrible if you don’t keep it up religiously. Disheveled layers can grow out weeks longer and still hold their style. Another tip is to ask your stylist to show you how to trim your own bangs. That can save you up to twenty cuts a year! One stylist offers to order his clients the same professional tools he uses. It may require an outlay of cash up front, but it will save you hundreds of dollars a year on maintenance haircuts because it’s the tools that keep your cut looking great.

To make your color last longer ask your colorist to use a clear glaze. It’s applied with heat so it seals the cuticle to extend your color up to two weeks. You can also apply an at-home glaze to boost your semi-permanent color for another week or two. The easiest thing you can do is to use products formulated for color-treated hair. This will help hold your vibrancy much longer.

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Freshly manicured nails say so much about a person. It’s difficult to present yourself as a well-groomed woman with chipped polish and cracked nails. When weekly trips to the salon put the pinch on your pocketbook, make these simple changes to extend your nail treatments up to a month! Add some curves to your nail shape. Flat tips chip and crack easily when they hit any hard surface. Rounded nails will hold their polish and shape much longer.

Go buff instead of French. It’s a sexier, shinier look that will outlast even the most durable French manicure and you can easily maintain it at home with a four-surface buffer.

If you use colored polish, wipe your nails with an alcohol swab to remove dirt and apply a clear top coat every three days to boost shine and protect. You can paint your nails at home! Apply only a thin layer of polish so it will dry quickly and not smudge or bubble. Use a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover to clean up any smudges and top with a clear or nude pink polish with some sparkle – it hides flaws and locks in your color.

These tips alone can save you enough to make your indulgences part of even a scaled-back budget. Don’t be afraid to ask your stylists for other tips and money-saving advice. Most will be happy to oblige since it means they get to keep you as a customer.

Health Basics – What Is MSG?

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) usually gives aroma to Chinese food, refined meats, vegetables, and soup. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) categorized MSG as a diet constituent which is usually identified like secure, that is why MSG can be used in several diets the FDA needs to show that on the label.MSG is a diet preservative. It gives clarity to several disorders in human beings. Many fairy tales are spread concerning MSG to prove it is blameless.

This leads to several reactions in human beings which are lethal.Federal Drug Administration proved that MSG has a stimulating property which disturbs works of the endocrine system. MSG is persistent.The stimulants those disturb health the much products are only sugar containing those are MSG, excess fructose, Aspartame. Many several other products are there but these are commonly utilized by Americans.

People should observe the Monosodium glutamate quantity on the diet labels, the reason it is buried by unclear alternative titles in supermarkets. Manufacturers are aware of MSG that harms health but a manufacturer does not reveal this to save their business and distribute it in supermarkets.

When we consume MSG it may not show severe symptoms but is disturbs functions of the body. MSG leads to insomnia, migraine headaches, short time blindness, diarrhea, Alzheimer’s, fainting. MSG can pass through the brain obstructions which is too uncommon with several drugs and agents. In human beings brain, it attaches to part of the brain and makes that to explode. It leads to the function of human beings body agitated and experiences several reactions.

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MSG disturbs the natural appetite functions and stops weight loss. MSG consists of good aroma. If MSG is mixed to food, the cheap quality diet seems to be very high quality. This reason manufacturer used to mix MSG with food. So people buy more food products by thinking these are quality food. MSG is available in different tastes like sweet, sour, Bitter. It adds extra taste to food. So people tend to buy to get more taste in diets.

The MSG is generally used to cook sausage and several types of meat. It protects the sausage from changing brown. Generally, in olden days, people thought if sausage is fried deeply, it gets brown color. To avoid this brown color sausage it means sausage should be seemed like uncooked sausage without having the brown color. MSG is used to add to avid brown color sausage.

There are natural resources of MSG. Several individuals may suffer allergies to artificial MSG. so they can use natural resources of MSG. Artificial MSG and natural MSG do not similarly influence human beings body. Generally, human beings body synthesizes few amounts of MSG to function organs well. Artificial MSG influences the body in a different way that it may harm the body but natural MSG does not do it.

MSG is available in gelatin, seaweed, and other related diet resource. Natural MSG containing food can be used in cooking to give aroma to diet. It gives more taste to food. So to get aroma and taste it is better to use natural MSG instead of artificial MSG.

Stand Up Straight

You may recall bad memories of a family member, probably your mother or grandmother, telling you constantly to sit up straight and stop slouching. Well, as usual, mother knows best and she wasn’t kidding around. Practicing good posture and avoiding bad habits like slouching actually benefits your body in ways you may not have thought of.

Most people tend to notice when someone has good posture. It’s all in the body language. For most of us, we hardly pay attention to the way we sit or stand. Office jobs especially call for hours of sitting on our rumps so it’s natural for the body to slowly slouch as the day wears on. However, such practices can make things worse for you in the long run. If you haven’t had the chance to discipline yourself into sitting up straight and attaining better posture, then maybe the following health benefits will help convince you.

Did you know that by simply having good posture, your internal organs are able to function at their best? It’s true. When you have good posture, your muscles, ligaments, and joints are upright and able to do their jobs efficiently – not to mention your bones are also properly aligned. In this sense, posture plays a role in your health, especially as you get older.

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While you may not be hurting now, maintaining bad posture habits will catch up with you eventually. When you constantly slouch, you’re putting a lot of strain on your muscles, including the spine. The effects of poor posture over a period of time can result in constricting the blood vessels, nerves and the discs and joints of your spine. So when you start to experience everything from back pain to neck pain and headaches, chances are your bad posture has something to do with it.

The good news is that you can break yourself out of bad posture habits regardless of what age you are. Of course the sooner you start practicing good posture in life, the better off you’ll be. For those of you confined to the office/cubicle for hours out of the day, make sure to sit in a chair that is suited to your particular body type and sitting position. This is where having an ergonomic chair comes in handy.

Additionally, it’s never good for your body overall to sit in the same position throughout the day. Make it a habit to get up periodically, stretch your muscles and walk around to relieve your spine and neck tension. To keep yourself in top condition, it also helps to incorporate stretching exercises a few times a week. This will strengthen your muscles and joints and keep your flexible. Inactivity paired with poor posture makes for a terrible combination and effect on your body and health.

Surprisingly, having good posture can also be harmful if you go to the extremes. Avoid standing or sitting up too straight for too long, as this can also cause backaches. As long as you stretch and give yourself breaks, you should be able to have a good posture that won’t work against you.

Stunningly Simple Hairstyles That “Slim” Your Face

We can only work with what we have but sometimes that’s much easier said than done, especially when it comes to facing shape. While some face shapes tend to have a knack for looking great no matter what type of hairstyle they sport, others have their own set of challenges when it comes to this category. Women with wide, heart or round face shapes, in particular, tend to have trouble finding hairstyles that are both flattering and slimming at the same time.

Just as wearing the right clothes can create the ideal illusion, so can sporting the right hairdo. In the case of face shapes that are wide, round or heart-shaped, there tends to be the deceiving appearance of “chubbiness” that can make any woman self-conscious. Because these face shapes tend to be hard to work with and may even appear unflattering in pictures, it’s important to choose a style with the ability to create a slimming effect to bring balance to a woman’s overall look.

However, achieving the ideal hairstyle for a slimmer face shape doesn’t just involve getting a specific cut. For example, the way you part your hair can have an effect on the way your face shape looks. Women with round or wide faces should avoid parting their hair straight down the middle. This only serves to emphasize the wideness of these face shapes.

Additionally, not having a part at all can create an unflattering look as well, such as brushing all of the hair back into a ponytail. Not only does this lack of a part also emphasize the natural shape, it will make your features more pronounced – and not in a good way. The solution? Go for a deep side part, which adds dimension and works to minimize how round, wide or full a woman’s face is. It may sound like a simple thing but it makes quite a difference. Women with long bangs look best with a deep side part, which can be easily tucked behind their ear or kept slightly in their face, creating an alluring and mysterious look.

Speaking of bangs, even this part of your hair can be tailored to work with your face shape and not against it. Make sure to go for bangs that are textured to create more dimension. Heavy bangs that are all uniform in length and style will create a stark contrast in shape to your face, which you don’t want.

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If you’re the type of woman that would prefer a hairstyle that works with your face shape but is also easy to maintain on a regular basis, then you’ll want to look into long, sleek styles. This look is anything but boring, especially if you add soft layers framing your face. Long and sleek tresses actually make a wide face appear thinner/elongated, as opposed to super curly and voluminous styles, which do the exact opposite. For those dying for volume, getting the right kind of layers cut into your hair is a great way to add more oomph to your style while still achieving the slimming effect.

As far as length, it’s best that those with round, heart or wide face shapes choose a happy medium length style. Too long (past the shoulders) or too short (pixie cuts) are styles that do not face shape friendly, unless you have an oval face. Having your tresses in a sexy bob or touching your shoulders are ideal lengths that work in perfect harmony with your style and face.

Explode Your Energy Levels With Healthy Eating

What is high energy? How does one get it? Well, it is the differential between our metabolic rate and body energy conversion. What you eat is what you get. You can say it is a supply and demand equation. But that excess body surplus of conversion if it is converted into strong muscle and utilized for increasing our stamina, then that person is said to be of high energy levels and is said to be having an efficient energy conversion system.

It is a desire of everyone to be healthy but the greatest way to maintain health and get rid of tiredness is to make a well-balanced diet plan that has meals from four main food groups in exact percentage.

Those four meal groups are Bread, rice, pasta and starchy food, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk product foods, other non-dairy products like meat fish, beans which are high sources of proteins – says MOVOMOVO.

Aspects to boost body weight

From several ways and aspects enlisted, an increase in body weight results from indifference between food consumption and release of energy, metabolism, and physical activities. Energy is not available in vitamins and minerals but is released from meals intake. The levels of energy we get from food are measured as kilojoules or fats. The foods which supply vitamins and minerals are also found in the energy supply of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

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Liquor which is not good for health also contains energy. Whatever may be but alcoholic beverages don’t deliver normal supplements and minerals to the body. As you know that fat and alcohol supply double the quantity that is given by carbohydrates and proteins. Eating more food than the required amount of the body stores the extra as a fat.

Division of energy consumptions

The quantity of food required per day will change with age, sex, size of body and also to those who are in pregnancy stage or breastfeeding to infants. An overview of kilojoule is basically recommended for the day so that they can move around the consumption of different meal groups as guided by the Australian Quick guide to healthy eating.

The energy consumption and its advisers are completely based on standard weights and raise in rank quota that is a great deal for people than for teams. These may be variant forms of energy expenditure when com[pared to each individual because it may be due to the hereditary difference or certain physical practices while doing activities. A trained dietician should be consulted to come across specific demands.

Energy giving nutrients

There is three energy giving nutrients mixed with many foods in different fractions. Among them, carbohydrates are very important to carry out energy to all cells of the body. In diet, more starches are raised from food like whole grain pieces of bread, rice, pasta and green vegetables. Like carbohydrates, proteins are also very important to keep up the energy levels in body cells. It is needed for development and work of muscles, bones, hair, and fingernails.

Even proteins occupy essential enzymes that help to digest food and develop hormones to keep the body in working condition. In eating plan include the source of protein like cereals, milk, yogurt, cheese, meat, fish, poultry products for healthy living.

Vitamins andante oxidants Fat is necessary for carrying energy and is also an important source of power. It is the main element for dissolving vitamins A, D, E  and K and also antioxidants. They even keep the skin healthy and release fatty acids and shares credit in balancing body features. Never try to take too much of starch as it leads to diseases like cardiac issue and diabetes. Many should be given the knowledge to limit the fat intake depending on the age and energy requirement.

Styling Your Wig

Whether you just recently started wearing a wig for personal reasons or for fun, eventually you will need to know how to style one. It’s actually very simple once you know your do’s and don’ts of styling your wig.

Here’s How:

Making your wig look perfect isn’t necessary. As a matter of fact, over-styling can make your wig look unnatural and if you’re like most of us, you probably don’t want that. Use wire brushes and combs that are meant for wigs only. Most brushes and combs aren’t meant for wigs. This is especially true for synthetic wigs. When styling synthetic wigs with curls or waves, use your fingers to separate the curls or a wig comb to comb through the waves.

If the wig is a straight style, gently use a wig brush to smooth out any tangles. Never rush through a combing or brushing a wig. Never use a heated styling tool on synthetic wigs. If you do, you’ll wind up with a melted mess. Instead, use a wig spray to give your wig a little-added style. You could also use sponge rollers or pins to add a little curl or wave.

If you have a human hair wig, you can use heated styling tools, but remember to keep them on a lower heat or you could burn your wig.

To style:

place the wig on your wig stand and remove any tangles from the wig with a wire brush. Next, select the sections of hair you wish to curl and wind the hair onto the roller. Allow the rollers to cool before removing them and finish by styling the curls with a brush or your fingers. Use a wig spray or hairspray with very little alcohol to set the style.

You may find that it will be necessary to trim your wig so that it will fit you better. This is something you will want your professional hairstylist to do. To get the best cut, wear your wig on the day of your appointment so that he or she can help you choose a style that is flattering to your face. If you’re going for a more natural look, opt for bangs. If you don’t want a lot of high maintenance go for a shorter cut for fewer tangles. If you’re worried the stylist may cut it too short, ask them to cut it a little longer than they usually would.

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If you’re considering dying your wig, please keep in mind that only human hair wigs can be dyed.  Also, keep in mind that the dye will not grow out, so it is permanent. Most hair dyes will also work on a wig, but you will probably want to do a hidden patch test on the underside of the wig just to make sure. It’s probably also a good idea to leave the dye on the wig for a little less time than the package directions indicate. If in doubt, have a hair colorist professional dye the wig instead.

Finally, you should never style a wet wig unless you are planning on having the wig reset. This goes for curling it when it is wet as well! With the above tips in mind, your new wig should last for a very long time. Enjoy it with pride!

Harmful Toxins

What’s medicine for you? Oftentimes the term medicine will conjure up images of pill bottles, icky syrups or syringes. The term is promoting an adverse connotation for a lot of, especially since a specific prescription medication is frequently connected using the unfortunate malaise it is supposed to treat. However, to see medicine as something to become taken only after the first is already sick would be to perform an injustice to ourselves. Medicine could be a substance, or perhaps a practice of utilizing substances that prevent disease, to begin with, for example, an all-natural diet and healthy lifestyle.

The meals we eat could be medicine too.It sometimes appears the entire western profession of medicine relies around on dealing with illness after it already arises. We’re constantly chasing after signs and symptoms, and seeking to undo the damage we create by our daily living. Invasive surgical procedures and effective chemicals are utilized to combat many years of disregard for that body. Does not it be preferable, however, to prevent getting sick, to begin with? Probably the most direct control we’ve over our very own health is our diet and consumption habits. Obviously getting rid of dangerous harmful toxins, for example, smoking cigarettes or environmental factors are beneficial too, but our diet is vital. We eat multiple occasions every single day.

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Each meal is really a choice between healing our physiques with natural menus and organic meals, or doing more damage to the physiques with processed junk meals and remove dinners. Simple alterations in the elements, the menus and exactly how we eat can drastically change the standard of existence for that better. We hear a great deal about healthcare nowadays. Within the political arena, within the place of work and also at home it’s a hot subject, and everybody appears with an opinion about this. It’s a subject that affects everyone at each age.

Once more, however, whenever we think about this term, still it appears to consult what we should do as we become ill. Whenever we really consider the phrase, it too should make reference to our lifestyle. Medicine and healthcare could be a lot more than drugs, surgical procedures, and remedies. It’s really a method in which we live our existence the way you take care of our overall health.

Creating organic menus and switching to an all-natural lifestyle is simpler than a single may think, and benefits every factor of our way of life. Eating whole-foods and staying away from chemical filled, over processed elements is an excellent method to prevent needing to begin to see the physician so frequently. These meals are medicine without a doubt because they get the job done of battling the disease and keeping your body healthy and vitalized.

Implementing a natural lifestyle will assist you to make certain you remain active later in existence too. Investing time outdoors, walking or working out and implementing a mindset of health goes a lengthy method to assisting you transition right into a more sustainable lifestyle. Activities like these are an easy way to go with natural menus and organic quality recipes. In by doing this, medicine becomes the way you live our whole existence. Healthcare becomes something we all do every single day, constantly, rather than this program you’ve set up along with your insurance company.

Spa Cleanliness – What To Look For In A Spa

A trip to the spa should be relaxing and energizing, the ultimate pampering experience. But if that spa doesn’t follow the stringent requirements for cleanliness, your trip can result in some unpleasant consequences. Take, for example, the client who ended up with a difficult to treat nail fungus from a foot soaking tub during a pedicure. What should have been a wonderful treat ended up being a several hundred dollar expenditures at the foot doctor, not to mention the pain and discomfort of an infection? If you do not want to find yourself in that situation, do your homework before you book that appointment. Just what should you look for in a spa? Are there standards and regulations? Will the staff think that you are just being “picky”? Any good spa with high standards will relish the opportunity to explain their standards and how they comply with state regulations.

They should also have state inspection notices posted in a prominent location. Just as in hair salons, employees should have their credentials posted. Some spas are accredited by IMPAC, an accreditation company located in the United States, which develops standards for the spa industry. Their “Gold Star” program requires spas to follow state regulations, have accredited staff, and pass inspections. They also monitor that complaints have not been lodged with the Better Business Bureau and that clientele are generally satisfied with their spa experiences. While IMPAC is a starting point, you can be the best determiner as to the cleanliness of a spa. As a customer, you will be the one using the facilities and have the treatments.

Tour the spa before you sign up to have any services. A visual inspection should answer many of your questions.

  • Is the facility neat and orderly?
  • Does the spa appear clean?
  • Are the drains in wet-rooms and showers free from mold?
  • Are the linens fresh? Are used linens removed quickly?

After a towel has been used once, it should be deposited in a closed receptacle until properly laundered.

  • Are attendants with the client at all times?
  • Are treatment tables covered with fresh lines for each patron?
  • How are the implements sanitized?

After a visual inspection, it’s time to let your instincts take over. How do you feel about the spa?

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  • Is the receptionist friendly and accommodating?
  • Does the staff seem to get along well?
  • Do staff members seem respectful of the customers?
  • Are clients given the appropriate amount of privacy?
  • If you have any uneasy feelings, listen to your inner voice.

Chances are there is a reason for your feelings. It’s better to pay attention to your “gut instinct” rather than end up having a bad experience. One final point, before having any spa treatment, make sure the therapist washes his/her hands. Personal hygiene of therapists is essential. If the spa passes muster, then go ahead and book a treatment. You can truly relax knowing that you are in good hands.

brain health

Healthy Habits for Your Brain

When we think about healthy habits, the first thing that comes to mind is keeping our body healthy. However, keeping your brain healthy is just as important as keeping your body healthy. I’ve found some of the best ways we can keep our brains healthy every day. If you start to incorporate some of these habits into your daily routine, you will see how much better you feel every day.

  • Stay Active

Increasing your heart rate allows oxygen to pump to your brain faster, helping new brain cells to develop quicker. A daily habit of exercise makes your brain more efficient and strengthens your ability to concentrate. I walk my dog every morning, and also try to add in an additional 30 minutes of heart pumping cardio 4-5 days a week.

  • Vary Your Routine

When you allow yourself to mix up your routine a little bit, it provides a good cognitive tool for your brain to function better. For example, take a different route to work or go to the gym before work instead of after work.

  • Celebrate Accomplishments Daily

As you make progress toward completion of your goals or tasks, allow yourself to celebrate (at least a little). Even perceived progress provides excitement, happiness, and motivation. Start this habit every morning to help you feel successful before your day really gets going. Congratulate yourself on hitting the gym the previous day, finishing a book, or saving a few dollars by bringing your lunch to work.

  • Stretch Your Brain Muscles

Keep your brain stimulated every day by learning something new. You can read the news, learn a foreign language, play an instrument, learn a sport or new workout, brainstorm, or even do something creative.

  • Meditation

On the other side of stimulating your brain, is resting your brain. Work, life, and stress are hard on your brain. Try meditating for just 5 minutes a day.

  • Get Good Sleep

As I mentioned in my post on “nightly rituals,” sleep is an important part of keeping your mind healthy because sleep ‘cleans the brain’. Create rituals before you go to bed like putting away your phone to ensure your sleep is uninterrupted.

  • Stand Tall and Be Confident

Your brain often perceives success and hopefulness from how you carry yourself. If you can feel powerful in your body and mind, it will engage and stimulate your brain.

  • Eat Healthy

The food we eat every day can improve how our brain functions. Foods with antioxidants or healthy fats are the best. Try to eat blueberries, kale, nuts, whole grains, and fish every day.

It’s so important to keep your brain healthy as we age. It helps prevent disease, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Practice new habits to incorporate into your daily routine.

The more you do these things, the easier they will become, making these daily habits the best gift you can give yourself. It can take willpower and resistance, but remember that the efforts your are making now will pay off in the end. New healthy habits will keep your body and mind ready for whatever the future holds.

flat belly

Simple & Effective Tips To A Slimmer Stomach

If you want to reduce your stomach fat, then you need to take an approach to weight loss in an overall way.  Spot reducing is near impossible and it is pointless to do thousands of sit-ups in the hope to trim the tum. The best approach is the good old fashion way of diet and exercise.  It may not be what you want to hear but it is the only way you will lose weight.

Forget the quick fix solutions that are shown on advertisements everywhere, forget diet pills that aren’t healthy and forget trying to do crash diets they only lead to misery. All these approaches will just waste your time as most lead to you putting on even more weight then you lost. What you really want is permanent stomach fat loss and fast. For happiness and stability you have to go back to basics.

You may have found that diet and exercise haven’t worked for you and there are several reasons why they haven’t helped you reduce stomach fat. The first one is probably because you went in blind. What I mean by this is that many people think that just by changing the foods they eat they will lose weight. They forget about calories in and calories out and just focus on shifting to healthier foods.

Most of the time the healthier foods aren’t really any better and many people do have any portion control.  The reason there is no portion control is not only because they have decided not to consider calories only the food they eat, but because they have no idea how many calories they were overeating before and now.

The best start is to get in the clue about where you are going wrong and what has caused you to gain weight in the first place. Buy a journal and spend a few days to a week writing down everything you eat and drink. Put this information into and discover how many calories you are eating everyday.

Doing it over a week will reveal to you how many calories ou are overeating and whether this is consistent everyday.  It most likely is a consistent amount and this information then gives you something to work on.

Once you know how many calories you have to cut out, you can play with the information on fitday and take things out and see how it effects your overall calorie intake. Not only will you not being going into your dietary changes blind but you will also be making your life a lot easier in that you could potentially cut out very simple things to bring your calories right down.  This way you won’t feel deprived.

It is also important to add in more whole ripe fresh raw fruits and vegetables, but don’t rush it.  Cutting down your calories is a great first step and you can try this for a few weeks before making your diet even better. This way you are making it a lifestyle change and not forcing yourself when you are not entirely ready.

If however you do feel ready start adding fresh fruits into your diet. The easiest way to do this is to commit to eating fruit before each meal. The more you eat the better. Not only is this great for your health but it will also leave you feeling more satified after your main meal.

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