Winners of the ‘Best Service Award’

Congratulations to Man and a Van in Southampton for winning the ‘Best Service Award 2014′. This prestigious award was based on a number of elements including, ‘best attitude toward customers’, ‘best delivery of service’ and ‘most transparent’.

These combinations were all weighed up and winner announced.

Man and a Van, Southamtpon

Man and a Van Southampton are a Southampton based company, but who also operate in many areas around Hampshire and Dorset. They provide a wide range of solutions to meet every customers’ need, from a small van hire to take a single item down the road, to using fully loaded trucks to help people people move house. In this instance, they were marked highly for helping people move house to another country, AND with just 3 hours notice.

It is clear that Man and a Van service put their customers’ at the heart of what they do. Their motto is, and always has been to ‘meet and exceed what is expected of them’, and judging by independently collected feedback, they do this very well.

Competition Time!

It’s that time again….Time to get your best products at the ready and submitted to us.

The Leader competition is back to find and recognise new business and reward their efforts by announcing them to the local community. You do not need to be a leading business, or be making a huge sum of money, we just want to see that your mindset is right and your working your business hard.

We will accept any business, from technology firms selling computers or software, to a self employed carpet fitter fitting carpets and selling flooring. It’s about how that individual is promoting their business that mat ers.

Please proceed by submitting using the contact form here

Voted #1 Best Anti Slip Mat

Do you have any idea about cobascrape non slip matting? Well, if not here is the right place for you. Many people have been subjected to injuries, fractures and even death due to sliding and falling in wet floors. Cobascrape is here for you to help you deal with this situations. Cobascrape non slip mat is an industry leader when it comes to matting. This mat is made of pure nitrile and has beveled edges for safety in that it prevents safety. This non slip rubber matting has a raised surface that will guarantee you sure footing even when in oily, greasy or wet conditions.

These type of mat is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, with variety of sizes and most importantly some of the sizes are machine washable, this will give you good time when cleaning it, this type of mat comes with a full range of benefits that will guarantee you the real value for your money, more so, it is perfect for use in a number of environments simply because of the features that it has, for instance it is suitable for use in factories and workshops because it is resistant to oils and machine coolants, also it is best for use in kitchens since it is resistant to cooking oils. This type of mat is available in different sizes giving you the freedom to choose what’s best for yourself.

More so cobascrape has a number of designs and styles that will give your home or place of work elegant and stylish look, which are designed in a very unique way such as scrubbing of the dirt and absorbing moisture, this is absolutely safe mat with a height of up to 6mm, with this your comfort and safety is guaranteed, also being washable will help in maintaining it for some longer time hence giving you your desired benefits, also from the materials that has been used to manufacture this product, it proves to be long lasting and environment cautious since it can be recycled. Check out wikipedia with their ideas on rubber mats. Check out wikipedia with their ideas on rubber mats.

With cobascrape non-slip mat, you are able to work confidently and efficiently, also you will be able to get the best that you want with very affordable prices even if you are working within tight budgets, there is also variety of sizes, shapes, patterns and designs to choose from which means that you are able to select what’s best for your eyes at an affordable cost, and you will not regret buying this product.


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